PresQT Preservation Quality Tool

Needs Assessment Results

In the Summer/Fall of 2017 Participants were invited to contribute answers for the PresQT research study, entitled "Data and Software Preservation Quality Tool Needs Assessment" related to the PresQT Project, University of Notre Dame Study # 17-04-3850 DOI 10.17605/OSF.IO/D3JX7. Data Collection closed Sept 1, 2017 at 5 PM EDT. Participants' answers to a series of questions related to their past practice, and anticipated future needs as researchers and/or software developers contribute to a better understanding of what tools and/or tool suites would be of benefit those preserving and/or sharing data and software.

The Needs Assessment questionnaire and response data are available on the project page.


1. Indicate whether implementation or integration of tools like those below would ease your path to publishing, sharing, curating, or reusing data or software: (tools_use_matrix)





Profile Based Recommender



2. Do you have a data or software preservation quality tool need this project could help you develop? If so, please describe: (tools_data_preserv)

Sample of responses:

3. Is there a tool gap in your digital ecosystem or workflow? (tools_gap)

Researcher Behavior

4. How familiar are you with tools used to share, publish, cite and preserve data or software? (res)

5. Do you anticipate publishing or sharing your own data or code over the next five years? (res_pubshare_5)

6. In the past, how often have you made your research data free to access, reuse, repurpose, and redistribute? (res_open_data)

7. Is any of your data or code published or shared now on a repository or website? (res_pubshare)

8. In the past three years, have you or your research group made publicly accessible the following items through your or your institution's website or a third-party repository? (res_open_data3)

9. Do you need better tools to share, re-use, cite, publish or preserve your own or others' Data and/or Software? (res_tools_share)

10. When asked to submit keywords to describe your own or others' research is it usually: (res_keywords)

11. When asked to submit keywords to describe your own or others' resarch how accurately do the terms available usually describe your work? (res_keywords_avail)

12. Does your employer require you to make any of your publications or data openly available? (res_employ_open)

13. Do any of the organizations who fund your work require you to make any of your publications or data openly available? (res_fund_open)

14. Please name the software/tools use use most to share, publish or preserve your research (res_open_tool)

Sample of responses:

15. In your estimation, which of the following currently have the infrastructure required to provide long-term public access to your research data? (res_pub_infrastruct)

16. Do you actively create and manage metadata to make sharing, finding, or documenting provenance of your own or others' data or code easier? (res_metadata)

17. How important to your work are Web-based applications that provide access to the following specialized resources? (res_tools)

18. Do you create and/or use software, code, or scripts in your research? (res_code)

19. Have you ever authored software, code or scripts to analyze or produce your data? (res_author_sw)

20. Have you ever hired or supervised someone to author software code or scripts to analyze or produce your data? (res_hire_swdev)

21. For others to reproduce your results would they need your software, code or scripts? (res_reproduce)

22. Do you use or revise commercial and/or freeware software, scripts, or tools to analyze or produce your data more often than writing new code or hiring someone to write custom software to analyze or produce data for your project(s)? (res_external_sw)

23. Please name some of the software/tools you use most to analyze or produce your data (res_external_sw_name)

Developer Behavior

24. The next questions are for those who develop, administer or maintain software and/or systems used to share, publish or preserve data or software. Are these sorts of tasks your responsibility? (dev)

25. Do you collaboratively develop and/or publicly share code in an version control repository like GitHub or bitbucket? (dev_code_verCon)

26. Do you develop, administer, maintain or support any (select any that apply): (dev_sw_dams)

27. How long do you expect people to use the software you develop, administer, maintain or support ? (dev_sw_eol)

28. For the typical software you develop, administer, maintain or support, how many users are there: (dev_user_count)

29. How do you typically license the software you develop? Select all that apply: (dev_license)

Some of the licenses mentioned in Other:

30. Have you containerized any code to make sharing or distribution easier? (dev_code_container)